Solutions for Mindful Life Transitions

Our Psycho-Educational Programs

Lunch-and-Learn Series (50 min each)

  • Introduction to Stress
  • Ways of managing stress
  • Challenging negative thinking
The Understanding and Managing Stress lunch- and- learn series will give employees an understanding of the anatomy of stress and practical strategies to manage it. Through the exploration of research-driven concepts and theories, participants will gain understanding of how their thoughts and perceptions influence the way they relate to the opportunities and challenges life offers.

Interactive workshop (3 hours)

Utilizing the findings of current research, participants will develop an understanding of stress anatomy and physiology, its impact on our physical and emotional health and our general sense of well being. Participants will be presented with and practice a number of approaches and proven strategies for stress reduction, including reflecting, identifying and exploring their own unique stressors. Participants will also create their own wellness plans using their newly acquired knowledge to help manage their unique stressors upon completion of the workshop.

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